AOC District Two Meets in Lake County

September 30, 2016

With all counties well represented, the AOC District Two meeting took place September 29, 2016 in Lakeview. The Lake County board of commissioners opened the meeting with a recognition of those District Two commissioners who will not be returning to office next year. Plaques expressing appreciation for their service were given to Judge Steve Grasty Harney County; Judge Mike McCabe, Crook County; Commissioner Jim Bellet, Klamath County; and Commissioner Tom Mallams, Klamath County.

Jumping right into hot topics there was a great deal of discussion on the Sage Grouse Conservation Strategy, the potential designation of the Owyhee Canyonlands National Monument, and the potential for renewable energy development in the region – some already underway and the opportunity to cultivate new projects. Commissioner Dan Shoun shared information and data he had collected on PILT payments and raised the question of equitable distribution of this resource. Further discussion centered around success in collaboration and it was suggested that AOC should collect stories from around the state of successful collaborative efforts. Commissioner Alan Unger engaged the group on the topic of cohesive wildland fire strategies.

AOC’s Daniel Hauser shared the OACES road funding proposal with the group. Dag Robinson, Harney County clerk, shared information from the Oregon Association of County Clerks regarding proposed legislation that would get the clerks out of the business of performing elections for political parties, namely, precinct committee person elections.

Dave Nelson provided an update from CIS and shared information on the causes, types and outcomes of employment claims. He also highly recommended using the CIS pre-loss legal team and Hire to Retire programs at CIS.

AOC filled out the balance of the meeting with information on the proposed budget, the 2016 annual conference, and a membership report.

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