AOC Housing Subcommittee

housing subcommitteeAt the November conference, AOC President Larry Givens created an AOC housing subcommittee to consider a multitude of long and short-term housing-related issues around the state. Commissioners Martha Schrader, Clackamas County, and Loretta Smith, Multnomah County, have been named co-chairs.

There will be numerous bills dealing with housing during the upcoming 2016 short legislative session. The housing subcommittee will consider these bills, sending recommendations to the AOC Community & Economic Development Steering Committee and on to the Legislative Committee on February 1, 2016.

Beyond the 2016 session, the subcommittee will consider policies and actions counties may take to deal with shortages of many types of housing: affordable, available, workforce, and supported.

The first meeting will be held on Friday, January 29, from 9-12 at AOC. Please let Mary know if you are interested.

For more information on the AOC housing subcommittee contact Stacy Michaelson, Mark Nystrom, or Mary Stern.