The May Legislative Committee meeting was packed full of guest presenters and information for AOC’s 36 counties.

Representative Phil Barnhart, chair of the House Revenue Committee, addressed the committee regarding 2017 revenue and legislative priorities, including potential changes to Oregon’s property tax system.

Jeremy Rogers, vice president of the Oregon Business Council informed the committee about funding received from the Ford Family Foundation for three pilot projects in rural Oregon to develop regional business plans. Mr. Rogers asked for county support in the development of these plans.

Commissioner Bill Hall and Commissioner Karen Joplin highlighted takeaways from their recent participation in the NACo Stepping Up Summit in Washington, D.C., including the six questions every county should be asking themselves to reduce the number of people with mental illness in jail.

Committee members also heard from special guest Olha Khonich, deputy mayor of the Chernihiv City Council in Ukraine. Ms. Klonich is responsible for local policy and city management. She provided the committee with information on the history and government structure of her city.

AOC welcomed Business Partner Sharene Rekow from Siemens. She provided members with information on how counties can work with Siemens – an Oregon Department of Energy approved ESCO – to save money through the modernization of infrastructure.

In preparation for the NACo Annual Conference in Long Beach AOC Steering Committees presented federal resolutions for consideration at the upcoming NACo conference. Resolutions included: re-authorization and appropriations for the Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration, a proposed platform change regarding stormwater runoff from forest roads, amend 42 code of federal regulations part two privacy provisions to be more in line with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act privacy provisions, and research on the health affects of toxins on the children and grandchildren of veterans.