FirstNet in Oregon Update

FirstNet is building a nationwide broadband network dedicated to public safety usage. The Oregon FirstNet Office has published Release 4 of Oregon’s Planning for FirstNet Network technical report. The report provides the latest on FirstNet activities and developments in Oregon. This includes information relevant to Oregon public safety agencies and activities requiring your participation and input in the coming year, such as:

  • A new Section 6.3 on the Radio Access Network (RAN) Deployment and Coverage that includes FirstNet’s new definition of “rural,” and a subsection on Deployment Phasing.
  • A significant re-write of Section 6.4, Operations and Maintenance, to include a discussion of the responsibilities of local public safety agencies and FirstNet’s cybersecurity concepts.
  • A description of FirstNet’s changing business model in Section 13.
  • Also new with this release, we have added an Oregon Activity Calendar for 2016 – 2018 in Section 16.

  • The report is available on our website at Planning for FirstNet Network, Release 4 ( If you already have the Planning for FirstNet Network Release 3 report on your Bookshelf in the Public Safety Library mobile app, you’ll have received an update notification for Release 4.

    We would like to thank all of you for your continued engagement and support in planning for FirstNet in Oregon. We met a major milestone in October 2015, completing Oregon’s data collection inputs to FirstNet to inform the RFP process for a network solutions partner to design, build and operate the nationwide public safety broadband network. Your contributions, including over 100 survey responses, enabled Oregon to provide a robust response to ensure FirstNet recognizes and understands Oregon public safety’s needs.

    In another development, on January 13, 2016 FirstNet released the RFP for the deployment of the nationwide public safety broadband network. Proposals are due April 29, 2016, and FirstNet hopes to select a vendor and make an award at the end of 2016. More information can be found at

    In 2016, FirstNet will continue consultations with Oregon in the form of smaller consultation task teams (CTTs) with specific focus on topics such as local control, public safety grade, and priority and preemption. Please visit the FirstNet in Oregon website at to stay informed and engaged with the latest developments.

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