What’s Happening with Marijuana?
 HB 4014 (the Base Bill)
AOC was successful in moving HB 4014 out of committee. This bill makes changes to laws regulating production, processing, sale, use and governance of cannabis. Changes would become operative March 1, 2016 and would declare an emergency, effective on passage.

SB 1511 (the Expanded Access Bill)
AOC is hoping to get SB 1511 out of committee on Tuesday. This bill directs the Oregon Liquor Control Commission to register qualified marijuana producers, marijuana processors, marijuana wholesalers and marijuana retailers for purposes of producing, processing and selling marijuana and usable marijuana and medical grade cannabinoid products, cannabinoid concentrates and cannabinoid extracts. SB 1511 is scheduled for a work session with the Joint Committee on Marijuana Legalization today at 1:00 p.m. in Hearing Room 343.

SB 1598 (the Marijuana Christmas Tree Bill)
The core of the third marijuana bill contains a LUCS/TPM/Farm package trade-off that AOC provided input on to deal with land use and time, place and manner (TPM) issues. As of Thursday the bill had seen its seventh draft. The bill exempts certain applicants for license to produce marijuana from the requirement that a land use compatibility statement (LUCS) be obtained, modifies certain laws related to county and city regulation of marijuana business entities, provides for expungement of marijuana-related crimes if the penalty for the crime has been reduced to a penalty for which the crime may be expunged, and declares an emergency, effective on passage. SB 1598 is scheduled for a public hearing with the Joint Committee on Marijuana Legalization today at 1:00 p.m. in Hearing Room 343.



AOC Opposes Creation of New Special District
On Tuesday, AOC explained to the Senate Finance & Revenue Committee why we are opposed to what would be newly authorized as a special district: a “children’s special district.” Under SB 1545, the district would have extraordinarily broad authority for a special district, with an open range of potential programs to benefit school-aged kids, e.g., civics, culture, arts, music, physical recreation, well-being and technology. In addition to levying property taxes, SB 1545 would require the county counsel of the county of location of the district to provide free advice when asked by the district board. This would be a unique role for county counsel and, given the inevitable size of the workload, would draw counsel away from needed county business. Moreover, the bill would require the county treasurer to be district bookkeeper with minimal reimbursement. Joining with AOC in opposition were Washington County, the Special Districts Association of Oregon, and the League of Cities.
For more information contact Rob Bovett, AOC legal counsel.