Three AOC Steering Committees met jointly on January 8 during AOC Day. The impetus for the joint meeting was to increase awareness regarding the fact that much of AOC’s work crosses over “committee jurisdictional boundaries,” especially in the arenas of health & human services, public safety, and veterans.

Discussions included conversations on local public safety coordinating councils (LPSCC’s), veterans behavioral health, 2018 recording fee bill, 2019 mental health justice reinvestment and human services coordination of legislative concepts, incarcerated veterans, and Criminal Justice Commission (CJC) justice reinvestment.

Presenters at the joint meeting included:

  • CJC-AOC LPSCC Coordinator Grant Program (Ian Davidson, Yamhill and Polk LPSCC staff)
  • Recording Fee Legislation (group discussion)
  • 2019 Legislative Concepts: Mental Health Justice Reinvestment and Human Services Coordination (Commissioner Bill Hall)
  • Incarcerated Veterans Workgroup (Mitch Sparks, ODVA)
  • Criminal Justice Commission Update (Ross Caldwell, CJC)
  • Veterans Behavioral Funding: $2.5 Million 2017-19 (Sara Lochner, Oregon Health Authority).

AOC’s HHS, Veterans and Public Safety Steering committees will continue to meet throughout 2018.

If you have topics of interest for these meetings, please contact AOC staff Patrick Sieng, public safety policy manager, or Andy Smith, health and human services, veterans policy manger. 

Additional Resources

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