More than 70 OACES members, staff and presenters attended the Fall OACES Conference held October 21-22 in Bend. This conference gave Road Officials and Surveyors a chance to explore a deeper dive on topics such as “Legal Lots of Record” as well as “Understanding Traffic Safety Data and the All Roads Transportation Safety Program.” In addition, Gary Winterstein of Community Solutions of Central Oregon, presented an entertaining and informative general session presentation to all participants on “Tools for Dispute Resolution.”

Copies of conference presentations can be found on the Conference page of the OACES website.

Surveyors at Conference

Surveyors discuss issues within their counties during roundtable.

Clatsop County Public Works Director and Engineer

Clatsop County Public Works representatives

During the Business Meeting at the conference, awards for Road Official of the year, Surveyor of the Year, an Award of Merit, and elections of new Board Officers were conducted. These awards have been given each year since 1979. The nominations are reviewed and voted on by the OACES Board members and awarded annually at the Fall OACES conference. The Road Official of the Year was awarded to Mikel Diwan, Public Works Director, Hood River County. Surveyor of the year went to Bradley Cross, County Surveyor for Wasco and Hood River counties, while Ray Griffin, County Surveyor for Clackamas County received an Award of Merit for his work in and out of the county.

In nominating Mikel, members of OACES stated that, “Mikel has represented OACES members’ concerns exceptionally well participating in numerous outside committees and work groups. He continues to ask the tough questions for OACES, pushing their interests when interacting with State, National and local agencies. He is a great listener and has championed the efforts of others and their needs despite their agency’s size or budget, all doing so with staffing shortages and retirements.”

Mikel Dewan Hood River County

Mikel Diwan, Public Works Director, Hood River County

Mikel Diwan

Chris Doty congratulates Mikel Diwan as Road Official of the year.

OACES Surveyors commented on Bradley Cross, Wasco and Hood River County Surveyor, stating that “He (Bradley) is actively engaged in our online discussions, providing both interesting questions as well as thought out answers to problems many surveyors have experienced. He has volunteered to make presentations at conferences and has represented the Surveyor field at the AOC County College for new Commissioners.”

Award for Bradley Cross

John Waffenschmidt awards the Surveyor of the Year to Bradley Cross

Bradley Cross

Bradley Cross, County Surveyor, Wasco and Hood River counties

John Waffenschmidt, Lincoln County Surveyor and OACES Vice -President, stated that “Ray took over the reigns at a large county a few years ago and has been active in the surveyor’s group ever since. He’s (Ray) shared useful information, volunteered several times to provide interesting presentations at conferences and has displayed a positive and respectful demeanor through his work at his county, with citizen interactions, and at OACES making him a great example for our members”

Ray Griffin, Clackamas County Surveyor

Ray Griffin, Award of Merit

Ray Griffin, Award of Merit

In addition to the above awards, elections were held for OACES Board positions and a representative to the AOC Board. The following were elected to the OACES Board. Scott Young, Surveyor Washington County joins the board as a new board member for the Surveyor Division. President, John Waffenschmidt, Surveyor, Lincoln County. Vice-President, Mike Bezner, Assistant Director of Transportation, Clackamas County. Secretary–Treasurer Bradley Cross, Surveyor Wasco and Hood River County. Board Member, Tom Fellows, Public Works Director, Umatilla County. Board Member, Don Russell, County Commissioner, Morrow County. Past President, Chris Doty, Public Works Director, Deschutes County. OACES Representative to the AOC Board, John Vial, Director of Roads and Parks, Jackson County.

Mike Bezner, Clackamas County, goes over OACES budget

County Surveyors listen to presentations

Dave Williams, PLS PLSO Legislative Chair gives a legislative recap and issues of common concern

Brandon Sorbel P.E. DCI Engineers, discusses bridge engineering

Liz Fancher discusses Legal Lots of Record

Gary Winterstein, Community Solutions of Central Oregon, reviews tools for dispute resolution

John Waffenschmidt, County Surveyor, Lincoln County presents Chris Doty, Public Works Director, Deschutes County, with a certificate of appreciation for his service as OACES President during past year.

OACES and its members are appreciative of all of Mikel’s, Bradley’s and Ray’s contributions as well as those elected to OACES Board positions and committees and congratulate them and all they do for Oregon transportation, roads and surveying.