Oregon Wounded Warrior Parking Placard/Decal Released

In 2018, the Legislature passed SB 1506. The bill created the Oregon Wounded Warrior Disabled Parking placard and decal, and became operative January 1, 2019.

Wounded Warrior Placard/Decal

Wounded Warrior Placard/Decal

Customers may now apply for an Oregon Wounded Warrior parking placard by filling out an Application for Parking Permit for an Individual with a Disability Form 735-265 and submitting written proof of having a United States Department of Veteran Affairs total disability rating of at least 50 percent or greater as a result of an injury or illness that the veteran incurred, or that was aggravated, during military service, received a discharge, or release under other than dishonorable conditions. Department of Motor Vehicles has designed a sticker with a black background with white letters that says “OREGON WOUNDED WARRIOR”.  Qualifying customers will be issued a disabled person parking placard or decal with this sticker affixed to it. This allows a person issued Oregon Wounded Warrior disabled parking permit or a person transporting a person issued a parking permit to park a motor vehicle in any public parking zone restricted as to length of time permitted therein without incurring overtime penalties (except spaces designated 30 minutes or less) and to park motor vehicle in any public parking zone with metered parking without being required to pay any parking meter fee.                

DMV-related questions may be directed to (503) 945-5000 or (503) 299-9999 (Portland Metro Area).  For more information about Oregon disabled parking permits, visit the DMV website at https://www.oregondmv.com.

Contributed by: Oregon Department of Transportation

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