A compromise bill to a 2019 proposal on prevailing wage mandates in enterprise zones cleared its first chamber, and now sits in the House committee on business and labor.

Developed through a collaborative workgroup with industry, local government, labor, and other stakeholders, SB 1525 focuses on data collection, notice, and outreach efforts, rather than creating new prevailing wage mandates.

As an opponent to the 2019 bill, AOC was asked to serve on the workgroup to address issues with the original proposal. AOC’s concerns on the 2019 proposal centered around the increased cost of projects, threatening a major economic development tool for counties.

Testimony on the 2020 bill focused heavily on appreciation for the collaborative process of the workgroup and the bill being a great first step in the prevailing wage conversation.

SB 1525 sailed through the Senate, passing out of committee on its first meeting day, and quickly passing the Senate floor on February 10.

A summary of the bill created by committee staff can be found here.

Contributed by: Megan Chuinard | Public Affairs Associate