There are very few bills relating to transportation in this short session. However, work continues by the Oregon Transportation Forum (OTF) to develop a proposal for the 2017 session. Mary Stern is the co-chair of the Policy & Investment Subcommittee along with Gerick Kransky of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance. The objectives of this subcommittee are to identify policy options for enhancing efficient use of transportation revenues and transportation infrastructure, and identify types/categories of projects throughout Oregon that OTF recommends be funded by a 2017 transportation package. At the March 14meeting of AOC’s Transportation Steering Committee, we will be discussing ideas to bring forward to the subcommittee. Please contact Mary Stern with your ideas.
Governor’s Transportation Vision Panel (GTVP)
The Governor’s Transportation Vision Panel continues its road tour, hosting a series of regional forums across the state. These two-hour forums will provide an opportunity to seek local input and solutions to the regional needs and priorities of Oregon’s transportation system. The last two forums are scheduled as follows:
  • Rogue Valley, Tuesday, March 8, 2016 White City, OR
  • Northwest Oregon, Thursday, March 10, 2016 Tillamook, OR
This is a great opportunity for you to remind panel members that focus needs to be given to the operations and maintenance problems throughout the entire integrated transportation system maintained by the state, counties and cities. Counties face a $505 million shortfall each year while trying to maintain, preserve and improve our roads, bridges and culverts. Check out the 2014 County Road Needs Study for more information or contact Mary Stern.
For more information contact Mary Stern, AOC transportation policy manager.