A primer on road management decisions


Contributed by Troy Tindall, BlueLine Transportation

September 23, 2016

One of the responsibilities of a county commissioner is the administration of the county road system. And, your greatest asset is your road department – which conducts the day to day operations. Their decisions determine the effectiveness and quality of your county road system. As a commissioner your support of the road department is essential when it comes to, not only the budget process, but understanding the basics of how dollars are applied to boost effectiveness.

Construction and Maintenance Basics

A road department committed to providing superior roads may hear comments from a resident such as, “Why are you performing work on that road? There is nothing wrong with it.” If roads are allowed to deteriorate to the point that reconstruction is needed it can bust your budget. Cost-effective maintenance will extend the life cycle of existing road surfaces and recycled processes utilizing existing surface material to bring the road back to new can save thousands.

A properly constructed road with a sound base deteriorates from the top down. Exposure to sun, weather and traffic causes the surface to age and addressing this issue early on can extend the budget. A road rated a