Co-Conveners U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley and State Representative David Brock Smith convened their third AOC County Solutions Sudden Oak Death (SOD) Task Force meeting on May 30th in Bandon, Oregon.

The purpose of the meeting was to update the Task Force – including federal, state, cities, ports, tribes, landowners and non-governmental organizations – on the implementation of the Task Force’s Strategic Plan.

“The Task Force was briefed on current accomplishments and plans to contain and control the Sudden Oak Death pathogen in SW Oregon,” said Greg Wolf, AOC county solutions director.

SOD kills oaks, tanoaks and now has moved into affecting conifers such as douglas fir, larch and hemlock. The SOD Task Force has been able to raise about $2.4 million dollars towards containing and controlling the spread of SOD in 2018.

“Thanks to strong lobbying efforts from Rep. David Brock Smith, AOC and others, the Oregon Legislature recently allocated an additional $1 million from the Emergency Fund to attack the disease in a more aggressive manner,” said Wolf.

The Task Force was also briefed on an economic analysis being done by the Oregon Department of Forestry, development of a communications outreach plan, acres being treated this year and plans for the upcoming year. The disease continues a slow march north and east in Curry County.

Contributed by: Greg Wolf | AOC County Solutions Director