AOC President and Lincoln County Commissioner Bill Hall has been extraordinarily active and effective in his role representing county government. He is in Salem frequently providing clear, crisp testimony in legislative hearings and attending key policy discussions with individual legislators.

In the accompanying photo, President Hall is seen with AOC Executive Director Mike McAtrthur and a pivotal figure in the Capitol, Joint Ways & Means Co-Chair Senator Richard Devlin, the chief state budget writer.

During their meeting in the Senator’s office, President Hall pointed out the integral role served by counties in the state-county shared system of service delivery and revenues, and offered the help of AOC providing on-the-ground information about the effects of potential choices under consideration by the Joint Ways & Means Committee to pare or enhance certain services. AOC will be most helpful by being at the table.

Senator Devlin again showed his keen insights into issues and his ability to articulate them in very simple, understandable terms.

President Hall will meet with the other Ways & Means Co-Chair Nancy Nathanson during the first week in May.

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