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Salem, Ore. (July 13, 2020) — The Association of Oregon Counties (AOC) announced the hiring of Kristen Paul as public affairs associate for education and members services.

Paul has a diverse background in membership engagement and education program planning and has worked with Oregon advocacy organizations including the Oregon Dental Association and Oregon Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons on a variety of issues as they engaged in the legislative process.

“We know Kristen will be a great asset filling this role. She has a background that tees her up to understand the unique opportunities we have to best support our members and will help launch us into new, innovative levels of membership programming,” said Nikkel of the hire.

The addition of Paul rounds out the public affairs department, with Megan Chuinard covering communications and advocacy efforts and longtime AOC public affairs staff, Mckenzie Farrell, overseeing the work of the department. AOC is also pleased to announce Farrell was appointed AOC operations director during the spring of 2020. Farrell will oversee the work of both departments.

“I am delighted to see AOC grow and enhance critical services to members,” said Jim Doherty, AOC president and Morrow County Commissioner. “Kristen is a great addition to the AOC family. I know this team will continue to elevate the voice of counties and strengthen the organization’s work.”


About AOC

The Association of Oregon Counties (AOC) unites Oregon’s 36 county governments. Founded in 1906, AOC brings county officials together to advocate with a collective voice on state-wide and national policy, exchange ideas, build new leadership skills, and exercise exemplary leadership in public service, while enriching the public’s understanding of county government.