Created by statute, the committee mirrors the Board of Directors of the Council of Forest Trust Land Counties

A group of county commissioners representing Oregon counties where county land was transferred to the state to create state forests met October 20 in Salem as the Forest Trust Land Advisory Committee (FTLAC).

The agenda focused on the State Forests Safe Harbor Agreement and Candidate Conservation Agreement with Assurances and reports from state forest districts.

The seven-member board of directors of the Council of Forest Trust Land Counties (CFTLC), chaired by Tillamook County Commissioner Tim Josi, operates as the FTLAC. CFTLC represents the 15 counties that deeded their land to the state for purposes of growing, harvesting, and sustaining forest land.  In return, these counties and the local taxing districts located there share revenue with the state resulting from harvest and other activities in the forests.  The FTLAC, staffed b