Veterans Courts Gaining Steam in Counties Across the Nation to Help Veterans Involved in the Criminal Justice System

Contributed by: Andy Smith | AOC Veterans Policy Manager

September 19, 2016


One picture from the North Texas Veterans’ Court shows a uniformed solider in court facing the bench. You can’t see his face and Judge John Roach wants it that way.

“They just need a little bit of help that has not been offered to them before.” Roach said.

The man pictured is an active duty service member completing the terms of parole — a success story for the North Texas Veterans’ Court.

He’ll leave with no criminal record.

“I like to say that their military record, will now look like their civilian record, both very honorable.”

Roach served in the United States Marine Corps. Each Friday he presides over fellow veterans that have gotten in trouble.

Many are facing felonies — charged with everything from DUI to drug offenses.

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