AOC Legal Counsel Rob Bovett recently generated a number of materials related to marijuana legislation, many of which are continuously being updated and supplemented. As of July 20, 2015, the following materials are available to AOC members upon request, and have also been made available to members of the Oregon County Counsels Association (OCCA):

  1. “Regulation of Marijuana in Oregon” PowerPoint (history, medical, retail, legislation, offenses) (PDF, 7.4mb, 152 slides, 7/15/15)
  2. Brief Summary of 2015 Oregon Marijuana Legislation (PDF, 315k, 2 pages, 7/12/15)
  3. Selected Provisions of 2015 Oregon Marijuana Legislation (PDF, 267k, 6 pages, 7/12/15)
  4. Local opt out of marijuana businesses
    1. Sample ordinances (PDF, 346k, 3 pages, 7/15/15)
    2. Sample order calling for election (PDF, 97k, 2 pages, 7/12/15)
    3. Sample ballot title (PDF, 217k, 1 page, 7/12/15)
    4. Sample ballot measure explanatory statement (PDF, 292k, 1 page, 7/12/15)
  5. New and revised marijuana offenses – training for law enforcement
    1. Booklet (PDF, 403k, 12 pages, last updated 7/1/15(
    2. PowerPoint (PDF, 1.5mb, 34 slides, last updated 7/1/15)
    3. Video (WMV, 703mb, 30 minutes, 6/30/15)
Please contact Rob at AOC for any or all of the material. If he’s not in, please ask for Laura or Eric.


AOC Legal Counsel Rob Bovett is our resident expert on marijuana legislation.