Yes, you read that correctly. Take a look at this picture. It was taken in the Spring of 1970 at Faubion Elementary School in Northeast Portland. The woman in the foreground is Connie McCready, who had been appointed to the Portland City Council to fill a vacancy and was running for election to a full term. She went on to win the election and stayed at city hall long enough to be appointed mayor in 1979, when Neil Goldschmidt was named Transportation Secretary.

See that little guy with the serious expression, dorky glasses and haircut? Yep, that’s me, and I’m the reason that Oregonian photographer David Falconer was there to record it all.

The teacher, Mrs. Bennett, had her fifth-graders bring an article from the newspaper every day to present to class. One fine January morning a member of the class brought in an article about Governor Tom McCall announcing that he would run for a second te