Cost Accounting System

The IRIS Cost Accounting System (CAS) is an activity\task based cost accounting system. CAS provides the ability to track costs for four resource types. The resource types are labor, equipment, material\inventory and outside services. CAS provides resource cost tracking by many different categories including roads, projects, management units, programs, zones, etc. CAS includes over 50 pre-built reports as well as a custom report writer.


Activity Cost Summary ReportInventory Transaction ReportProject Activity Cost by ZoneTimecard Equipment Hours Report
Activity Cost Summary with Labor DistributionEmployee Equipment ReportInventory Transaction Summary ReportProjected Payroll Listing ReportTimecard Payroll Hours Report
Activity Cost by ZoneEmployee Hours Per Day Not Equal to 8 or 10Inventory Transfer ReportReason Code Listing ReportTimecard Payroll Hours by Employee Number
Activity Cost by Functional ClassEmployee Issued ItemsManagement Unit Listing ReportResource Class Listing ReportTransaction Employee Hours > 10
Activity Listing ReportEmployee Labor Equipment Materials CostMonthly Variance ReportRoad Activity Detail ReportTransaction Equipment Hours > 10
Activity Road Coast SummaryTimecard Audit ReportPayroll ReportRoad Cost ReportTransaction Equipment Hours Report
Activity Transaction Cost ReportFEMA Project Cost ReportPlanned Crew Day Cost ReportRoad Cost Summary ReportTransaction Payroll Hours Report
Activity-Project Cost by ZoneFEMA Road Cost ReportProgram Listing ReportRoad Activity Cost Summary with ProductionTransaction Payroll Hours By Employee Number
Billing ReportGASB-34 ProjectsProject Cost By Resource ReportStandard Unit Cost ReportTransaction Report
Categorized Activity Cost SummaryInventory Balance ReportProject Cost ReportTime Accrual ReportUnit of Measure Listing Report
Categorized Activity Detail Report by Functional ClassInventory Receiving Audit ReportProject Cost Using Class Rate ReportTimecard Audit ReportZone Listing Report
Employee Certifications ListInventory Reorder ReportProject Cost Summary ReportTimecard Audit Summary Report