State Forester Peter Daugherty and Doug Grafe, Chief of Fire Protection of the State Department of Forestry (ODF), appeared before three interim legislative committees on September 18, the first day of September Legislative Days.

The legislature convenes its interim committees periodically on three consecutive days between sessions, rather than scattering individual meetings during the interim, which used to be the common practice. The next set of Legislative Days is November 13-15.

The two ODF witnesses were called to discuss the obvious: the severe season of wildfires still underway.

If you have been keeping up with AOC Policy Manager Susan Morgan’s daily reports you are fully aware of the enormous cost in dollars, to resources, and to Oregonians this season has been. As of September 20th, across all jurisdictions in Oregon, 657,000 acres have burned. In addition, $340 million has been spent to fight these fires. ODF reports that one of the drivers is lightning strikes (some 37,155 from June