On Thursday, February 1, 2018, the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) opened the grant application submission process for the 2018 ODA Wolf Depredation Grant.
This competitive grant program provides funding to those counties that have a county wolf program in place, under which:
  • Compensation may be paid to person for livestock or working dogs that are killed, injured or missing due to wolf depredation;
  • Financial assistance may be provided to persons who implement livestock management techniques or nonlethal wolf deterrence techniques designed to discourage wolf depredation;
  • Compensation may be paid to counties for allowed expenses necessary to implement a county wolf program.
In order for a county to be eligible for consideration of these grant funds, certain requirements must be met.  These requirements are outlined in OAR 603-019-0015.  In summary, they include the following:
  • Establish a county advisory committee to oversee the county wolf program;
  • Establish a procedure by which producers experiencing a high rate of depredation are given priority in that county;
  • Establish compensation rates for death/injury of livestock or working dogs;
  • Establish compensation rates for missing livestock attributable to wolf depredation;
  • Establish eligibility requirements for producers to access grant funds based on current ORS’s and OAR’s;
  • Contribute money equal to 10 percent of the allowable expenditures needed to implement the county wolf program.
Below is the anticipated 2018 grant cycle timeline:
  • February 1, 2018                     Grant application process opens for counties
  • February 23, 2018                   Grant application period ends, all applications due to ODA by 5 pm
  • Feb. 26 – Mar. 2, 2018             ODA application review process
  • March 5, 2018                          Award notifications and grant agreements mailed out
* Late submissions may be accepted at the discretion of ODA
The 2018 ODA Wolf Grant appl