Contributed by: Daniel Hauser, AOC County Road Program, Transportation Policy Analyst

Date: June 10, 2016

The County Road Program is launching the first two in a series of “County Road Briefs” dedicated to educating the public and legislators about county roads in Oregon. The first, titled “Oregon’s County Road System,” is a general description of the county road system, including what we own and maintain. The second, “Funding Oregon’s County Roads,” focuses on what revenue streams exist for counties to fund their road departments, as well as some of the restrictions counties face on those funds.

All of these briefs will be added to the CRP Action Center for the 2017 Transportation Package, which you are encouraged to bookmark and revisit regularly for updates. Please distribute these briefs to anyone in need of educating.

The County Road Program anticipates releasing a number of other briefs in the future, and would encourage anyone with ideas for content to share them with Daniel Hauser (503.970.4614).