Good Growing Pains

This year has brought record levels of participation in AOC steering committees, which is a great thing, but also has produced some logistical challenges for our staff and leadership. To put it simply, having the space and time to adequately address the many issues in Salem and Washington, D.C. is proving to be a challenge.

The first effort to come up with a new schedule proved to be unworkable—too much to do, not enough time—leading to another plan, which involves committee meetings on both Sunday afternoon and all day on Monday. This led to a spirited discussion via email. We know that Sunday is a day for worship and for family for many of you, and that was taken into account as this new schedule (which will be used a maximum of three times a year) was considered.

But we also had to consider other factors. Many boards meet on Tuesdays, so pushing the meetings into that day didn’t seem like a good option. And for commissioners and judges on the dry side of the state, Sunday already is a day devoted to travel to Salem.

Public service isn’t a 9 to 5 business for any of us. It demands many sacrifices. But it also brings great rewards, as anyone who has held office knows. I’m glad so many of you believe that investing time and effort in AOC’s work is worthy of your time. We’ll always make sure that investment is rewarded.

Contributed by: Commissioner Bill Hall | AOC President | Lincoln County

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