DLCD Technical Assistance Funding Opportunities

The Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) is excited to announce two new funding opportunities for technical assistance.

First, the 2018 legislature allocated $1.73 million to DLCD to assist local governments in meeting their housing needs. Now, the department is making that funding available to local governments. Ultimately, their goal is to increase the supply and affordability of housing. For cities, and for counties who act as a convener for local governments, DLCD has a Funding Opportunity for Housing Planning. This funding opportunity requires that interested cities and counties complete a one-page form and return it to DLCD by June 15, 2018. (Download document here.)

Second, for communities in eastern Oregon specifically, DLCD was allocated $300,000 to help those that have not fully recovered from the recession. This work will help identify business types and economic trends that will facilitate employment growth. This work is captured in a Funding Opportunity for Economic Opportunities Analyses for counties. This funding opportunity requires that interested cities and counties complete a one-page form and return it to DLCD by May 31, 2018. (Download document here.)

Please take advantage of this opportunity! DLCD looks forward to answering any questions, and to assisting cities and counties throughout Oregon.

Contact: Kevin Young, Senior Urban Planner, kevin.young@state.or.us

Contributed by: Mike Eliason | AOC Legislative Director

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