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Picture of Southern Oregon Marijauna Plant

This page contains AOC publications relating to regulation and taxation of marijuana in Oregon.

In 1973, Oregon became the first state in the Nation to decriminalize certain user amounts of marijuana (1973 Oregon House Bill 2936).  In 1998, Oregon became the second state in the Nation to legalize medical marijuana (1998 Oregon Ballot Measure 67).  In 2014, Oregon became the third state in the Nation to legalize recreational marijuana (2014 Oregon Ballot Measure 91).

Marijuana touches on many policy areas in which counties are heavily involved, such as public health, public safety, land use, governance, and economic development, to name just a few.  AOC and its steering committees are therefore directly involved in marijuana policy in the Oregon legislature.  The lead role for AOC is the AOC Governance Committee and AOC Legal Counsel Rob Bovett.


New Oregon Marijuana Offenses (effective April 21, 2017)
* Handout (PDF) (2 page handout) (172kb) (last updated April 25, 2017)
* PowerPoint (PDF) (34 slides) (1mb) (last updated May 8, 2017)

2016 Oregon Marijuana Laws (selected)
(PDF) (139 pages) (1mb) (last updated April 5, 2016)

Index/Summary of 2016 Oregon Marijuana Legislation
(PDF) (3 pages) (82kb) (last updated April 5, 2016)

Regulation of Marijuana in Oregon (history, laws, rules, local issues)
* PowerPoint (PDF) (154 slides) (6mb) (last updated April 7, 2016)